't Corneeltje
Luingnestraat 64, 8511 Aalbeke

't Corneeltje worth a visit

’t Corneeltje is a 4 star holiday home for 4 people in Aalbeke near Kortrijk, 500m from the center. Near the French-Belgian border.

The house is the ideal base for visiting numerous cultural cities: Kortrijk, Ypres, Bruges, Ghent, Tournai, Lille, Lens, Arras, ...

For the sports enthusiasts among us there are plenty of different hiking, cycling and mountain biking trails. The long distance trail GR route and the pilgrimage route la Compostela are nearby (200m).

The holiday home has 2 spacious bedrooms with each 2 single beds, in the largest room the beds can be converted into a spacious double bed (190x200) and there is a baby box available.

There is a charging point for the electric cars present at the 'De Corneel' holiday home at 200m.

Zoover 2014 Silver award

2015award winner silver

Zoover 2015 Gold award

2015award winner gold